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SLIPS AND HUMAN NATURE By: William Duncan Silkworth, M.D.

by Stephanie

The mystery of slips is not so deep as it may appear. While it does seem odd that an alcoholic (addict), who has restored himself to a dignified place among his fellowmen and continues dry for years, should suddenly throw all his happiness overboard and find himself again in mortal peril of drowning in liquor, […]

Principles of the 12 steps

by Stephanie

PRINCIPALS OF THE TWELVE STEPS 1. Honesty-Admit I still need help daily. 2. Hope-That the help I need daily is available to me, if I will ask. 3. Faith-Trust God with my will and my life. Pray for guidance and strength. 4. Courage-I am no longer ruled by a fear of admitting my mistakes. Where […]

Meditation on the Serenity Prayer

by Stephanie

GOD GRAANT ME THE COURAGE TO ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE 1. I cannot change other people. 2.I cannot control another human beings life, nor can I change nor alter their destiny. 3. I cannot change yesterday. 4. I cannot change someone else by being passive or aggressive. 5. I accept all things I […]